Trekking in Ladakh

Every backpacker dreams of is to go trekking in Ladakh region. From short treks to expeditions, there is a diverse variety of routes untaken, offering transcendental experiences and adventure. Our carefully selected range of trekking tour in Ladakh offers an exploration into the all-embracing barren landscapes and to chance upon a variety of rare wildlife. Trek the highs and lows of the mountain slopes, cross ridges and rivers and camp under a million stars in the wilderness.

The Ladakh trekking packages offers a wide range of treks, particularly Zanskar in the western region is known for a variety of routes across the world’s highest mountain peaks and through some of the most deserted and isolated valleys of the great Himalayan ranges. To the east of Ladakh, the mountains and peaks are not as sharp, but they are extremely high in altitude, ranging up to 6400 m. Nomads and a rich variety of rare animals and birds species inhabit the highland plateaus. Trekking in Ladakh can take you through the nomadic settlements in the eastern Himalayas which are also home to some of the most heavenly blue lakes, like Pangong lake. Even though some of the treks are really short, they certainly give you cultural insight and the opportunity to stay in one of the few home-stays of the local villages.

Trekking Tour Packages in Himalayas