Educational Tours in Ladakh

When one teaches two learn

In today’s day and age, learning is no more restricted to the campus but the world has become a classroom. Beyond Himalayas have curated a fine range of educational tours and student exchange programs in Ladakh that bring you closer to indigenous Himalayan communities. We organize school trips to Ladakh interested in integrated mountain development research studies or one week long geological and geographical mountain excursions to the Himalayas. From farm projects for individual students to living like a local, engaging in fieldwork or community research program on different environmental, social and economic aspects of the tribes, we at Beyond Himalayas have a range of exchange opportunities for learning in Ladakh.

Our programs and projects are executed with the help of different local organizations working on the development of Ladakh, Himalayas (SECMOL, Women’s alliance, LEDeG, LEHO, LAMO, LOTI) and associations that work for sustainable development of Ladakh. We have collaborated with most of the governmental and non-governmental institutes, societies, field action projects, panchayats (village governing bodies), LAHDC (Leh and Kargil), monasteries and schools for our programs to assure diverse research perspectives on Ladakh. The educational tours in Ladakh have a host of volunteers working in different capacities to explore experiences and expand the learnings from Ladakh.


If you are planning on a break after high school and would like to explore life and culture on the remote end of the globe. If the thrill of exploring the world, living with its people and building an international perspective is what will broaden your understanding of the world as a community, we welcome you to the Himalayas and to the homes of the indigenous communities that live here. If you would like to know more about your scope for your gap year, please get in touch.


For students pursuing study projects in other parts of India and for those who wish to have a peep into life on the Tibetan Plateau we design customized trips for schools, groups and individual students and families. On these trips, you explore the best of what the Himalayas have to offer, hike, trek, and learn from ancient lifestyles. A week to 20 days long these trips are designed to give a glimpse of life in the Himalayas for students. For more please get in touch.


The Ladakh farm project is an opportunity for the global student community to get a chance to living and working in remote farms in the Himalayas, following the daily chores of the farm and its connections with the land. It's an opportunity to experience life in a different reality and scope for broadening and merging of different realities into a common whole.


Our volunteering project gives student travelers a chance to join month-long volunteer projects with different grass route organizations and local governing bodies in Ladakh, India. We believe in the scope of learning while you live with the community and work with like-minded organization and associations that are working towards a sustainable global future. Please get in touch for further details.


For research scholars, anthropologists, students of cultural and religious and environmental and ecological studies and fellow students from around the globe, interested to pursue any form of literary study in Ladakh, Indian Himalayas, our research student support program is designed just for you. It is an initiative to provide students, parents, schools, institutions and trusts from around the globe, free and elaborate information and share local resources to make studying experience in Ladakh, India more engaging at the grassroots. Please contact us for any question or query you have on pursuing your research in Ladakh, India

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