Ladakh Local Tour Experience

To really visit a place, one has to visit its appetite for local herbs and spices, walk through its history in solitary lanes and passages, believe in its beliefs of the ancestral spirit. Sleep to its stories and wake up to its morning of hope. The local tour experience in Leh Ladakh gives a chance to really visit a place, right through its bare-bones, into homes where its people live, where they laugh and cry and sing and sigh.

We at Beyond Himalayas offer the unseen Ladakh to you - a little slice of inspiration for when you yearn to explore the unimaginable. The local tour experience in the Himalayas takes you to the customs of an ancient culture and monastic rituals of a spiritual indigenous community. Explore the richness of the ancient local cuisine of Ladakh influenced by Asian and middle eastern food habits, the Silk trade route and topographical availability of resources. Delve into the holistic healing practices that faith has preserved for eons and get a glimpse into the lives of the Changpa Nomads, sharing stories and singing their songs. The local tour experience opens a world of explorations that we share through the visits to the monasteries in Ladakh, walking the Heritage of the old town with our expert guides, and through film screenings on local knowledge systems that can expand our insights into the mysticism of this ancient land. Come join us on the local tour experience of Ladakh, so that we may walk you through a realm of simple survival where life and beauty are one.

Experience Local Lifestyle in Leh Ladakh