Cultural Tours in Ladakh

‘Vasudevai kutumb kamb’ is the Sanskrit for 'the world is a community’ and also central to our projects and ideas of travel in Ladakh. The cultural tours in Ladakh, the Himalayas welcome travelers from around the world, interested to see the roots of Ladakh. Engage with the local community and experience sustainable and ecological living. Meet a host of local writers, storytellers, spiritual guides and environmentalists enriching the Ladakh experience and bringing the place closer to you.

Ditch the old ways of living behind the walls of a hotel room. The Leh Ladakh cultural tour packages are designed to give an authentic travel experience of truly living and breathing the culture, along with exploring the most beautiful destinations that Ladakh has to offer. We wish to give you in-depth journeys by connecting you with the heart of Ladakh, its people. Listen to the stories of the local families that live in all their simplicity far away from the world dominated by mind and technology. Learn firsthand from its people what is it like to live in a place like Ladakh, about their simple joys and silent challenges. Witness the pious prayers to the ancestors and the faith with which they give offerings to the deities. Visit the local monasteries to learn about the ancient wisdom of the sacred inner journey. Spend a day with a monk and visit the local Oracle to find answers or healing. Enjoy the simple and scrumptious home-cooked meals and the warmth of a bonfire with a peal of heartful laughter. We offer a carefully selected range of Ladakh cultural tour packages in the mystical Himalayas, where history and adventure await in every corner. 

Cultural Tour Packages in Leh Ladakh