Local experiences in Ladakh (UPDATED 2023)

Local experiences in Ladakh (UPDATED 2023)


Ladakh is the land of mystery and mysticism. The people of this magical land are heart-warming and welcoming and are eager to share gifts of their culture with those that come. Ladakh is home to many wise shamans, doctors, and healers. 

One of the best local experiences of Ladakh is meeting with the local shamans, Amchi healers, and astrologers.

The energy medicine that these healers and shamans bring is straight from their connection to the divine spirit of life. This holy spirit of life or God, call it what you want is what many of the shamans, doctors, astrologers, and healers of Ladakh are connected to. 


Shamans are people who walk between worlds. Shamans are divine helpers who can connect to the spirit world and also detect the sickness a person has. The shamans see what doctors in hospitals sometimes cannot see. 

The eyes of the shaman can see beyond this world and into many other worlds from which they bring healing, truth, and wisdom in this world. When a sick person goes to a shaman, the shaman can see into the sick person’s soul and tell what is making the person suffer. 

Shamans can see the sickness of the soul, what is causing the soul-sickness in the person and guidance on how to cure it. In ancient cultures and even today, shamans have supernatural psychic powers that they have developed after years and years of spiritual practice. 

One of the most fascinating aspects of our offering is the healing workshops in Ladakh, where you have the opportunity to meet these divine helpers and miracle workers. 

Shamans and healers of our society are the divine helpers who can guide us into healing, expansion and spiritual growth. Shamans are mystical human beings who hear the call of the divine and stop at nothing to be in union with the divine.

The shamans of Ladakh are the mystics, who in their sincere devotion to God, compassion and universal love use their supernatural psychic powers to help, guide and bless all those that come seeking.

The cultural tours of Ladakh involve visits to the local shamans of Ladakh who practice deep meditation for many months in a year to receive guidance and strength. The shamans offer you guidance on your emotional problems, spiritual problems or anything that might be troubling you. 

Being one of the fascinating people of Ladakh, the shamans are known as the ‘spirit helpers’ in many communities and “LAMO” in Ladakh. They perform rituals and ceremonies to honor all of life. The shamans go into a trance with the help of a beating drum and invoke the divine within them and thus receive guidance and help people in this trance state. 

As Daniel Pinchbeck says “Shamanism is a kind of universal spiritual practice with indigenous cultures around the world, and one important element of it is taking care of spirits.” The shamans of Ladakh and all-around world provide healing and guidance for your spirit. They offer compassion and take care of your spirit. 

One of the most competitive practices and also one of the most dangerous practices performed by the shamans of Ladakh is called ‘mengak’ where the shamans lick the hot blade of a knife to put his saliva on the body part of the person that needs healing from sickness and pain.

 The LAMOS who can be either male or female, do not charge any money and provide these services for free as they believe that this is the work of God who is working through them. 



Oracles, healers, shamans, and yogis are a vital part of the culture of Ladakh. 

Our cultural tours in Ladakh include a visit to these mystical helpers of Ladakh. One of the ‘spirit helpers’ of Ladakh are the Amchi doctors. 

Amchi doctors are healers of Ladakh that use natural medicinal herbs to cure and heal people. The Amchi system of medicine is an ancient system of Tibetan medicine, commonly known as ‘Sowa-Rigpa’. This Amchi system of healing has many similarities with ayurvedic medicine and is also the traditional medicinal system in some parts of the Himalayas. 

In Tibetan and Buddhist languages, Sowa-Rigpa means the science of healing and has within it a rich accumulation of science, art, and philosophy. The Amchi healers are one of the most knowledgeable and revered people in their community. 

One of the fantastic aspects of our cultural tours in Ladakh is that we offer a visit to the Amchi doctors of Ladakh where you can meet them and experience the healing medicines they have to share. 

Until a few decades ago, the system of Amchi medicine was the only healing modality that was available and widely practiced in Ladakh. The Amchi science of healing is deeply rooted in its ancient traditional and cultural methods of healing. 

Even today healing in Ladakh is primarily based on the Amchi medicine system, and the Amchi doctors are deeply respected and believed to be the representatives of the Medicine Buddha. 



Visiting the Trispa is one of the most beautiful experiences in our cultural tours in Ladakh where you can get your birth chart made and receive a fresh perspective on your life. 

Astrology has been a prominent part of Ladakhi culture primarily among the Buddhist community. Ladakhi people give grave importance to Astrology and often visit astrologers known as Trispa to consult with them regarding various matters of their lives.

When a child is born, the Trispa makes an astrology birth chart of the child and informs the parents about the future events that might occur in the child’s life based on its astrology. The events reflect the major difficulty in the child’s life, marital status, number of kids, and so much more. 

The Trispas are highly regarded in Ladakh, and the local people of Ladakh visit them during any major event in their life sowing, harvesting, marriage, buying a new house, religious ceremonies, and so on. 



Many Tibetans who were forced to leave Tibet fled from there and are now living in eastern Ladakh. Ladakh is known as the ‘little Tibet’ and has a strong influence on Tibetan Buddhist culture dating back to hundreds of years with monasteries. Covering mystical mountainous landscapes are the beautiful Tibetan Gompas. 

The Tibetan settlement in Ladakh was established in 1963 when around 3000 Tibetans fled from Tibet and settled in Ladakh. This settlement has more than 7000 settlers today. The Tibetan nomads are also a part of this Tibetan community living in exile and carrying on their ancestors’ traditions and gathering pashmina, which is valuable wool to sell in the Kashmiri markets.  


Ladakh is haven on earth and so is its culture of healing, community, spirituality, growth, and mysticism. 



Author : SN
Date : 11 Feb 2020