Spiritual Tours in Ladakh

The way out is in.

The deep-rooted spirituality in Ladakh and Himalayas is an emancipating offering these mountains have to make to each one of us traveling here. May it be the little walks by the riverside, a hike up the ancient monasteries or the bells and gongs in streets and alleyways, everything here makes for an inner calling. You know how deeply the spirit is imbibed in Ladakh when you see the old village folks always chanting beads, the little children who can barely walk bowing to the Buddhas and the faith that unites their spirit even in the harshest of climates. Based on the experiences of the masters and the sages, our spiritual tours in Ladakh, the Himalayas are mindfully curated to lead you on your path to self-discovery. 

Experience road-trips that explore the inward world by intimately witnessing the ways of the old monasteries, their time preserved monastic rituals and prayers intertwined with our guided meditation and yoga. Dwell in the wisdom of local healing systems; Amchis (the local doctors), Ompo (Astrologer) and Lha (Oracle) to understand true harmony and balance. For a deeper insight, every spiritual tour in Leh Ladakh is accompanied by a monk ever willing to share his knowledge and guidance. Our spiritual tour packages are designed to give a profound experience of the mystical ways of the Himalayas. 

Spiritual Tours Packages to Leh Ladakh