About Us


Beyond the Himalayas is a travel company founded by two young entrepreneurs from Ladakh who have been in this business for more than a decade. Born in these magnificent mountains they are akin to their force, their power. These ethereal monuments of nature have a certain poise, a dignified silence that speaks of the same Truths that we are all seeking, echoing the teachings of compassion and vastness that is practiced in these regions through Buddhism. A symbol of aspiration and endurance, they have the power to move Man.

At Beyond Himalayas, we promote ethical tourism that works towards the conservation and sustainability of the region. It is an initiative, through professional execution and handling, to share authentic experiences of culture, tradition, and terrain so that you don’t simply observe but become a part of this life 

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She calls the forest her home and is drawn to the simple, deeper patterns of life. A Yogini, an avid traveler and a seeker on the path to truth, Ayesha Mohan is a bliss to be around. After her yoga teacher training program with the Sivananda School of Yoga, Madhurai, she taught and shared her knowledge of Yoga in Zen monasteries in the South of India, Deer park monastery in Beer, and in exclusive Yoga studios in Manali and Ladakh. Her love for her practice, her journey into her body, mind, and spirit, shines bright through her love and compassion for the world. She attends, conducts and supports silent retreats and healing workshops and has been exploring the elements of inner life for the past 7 years. She is central at curating our travel themes and business philosophy of Beyond Himalayas and keeps the workplace vibrant and graceful. 



Born and raised in the mystical land of Ladakh, Tenzin Londen is a man of adventure. A proud father of three little girls, a Tibetan living in exile, a devout Buddhist, and a being who only knows the way of light-hearted laughter. He has a keen interest in connecting with the world and its people. He is extremely diverse in his endeavors when it comes to the Tourism Industry, from running Hotels, Restaurants, and Luxury Campsites to holding a deep knowledge of organizing fine Trekking experiences. His sincere work in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry for 10 years has given him an immense understanding of the thick and thins of each aspect of Travel, making him an invaluable asset for us at Beyond Himalayas. 



Hailing from Ladakh, and spending his crucial formative years traversing the tough terrain, has imbibed in him an accurate understanding of life and landscape of Ladakh. With extensive study and practice in social reforms and community development, he returned to his roots to contribute his learnings through local schools, organizations, and his own ventures. A photographer and hotelier by profession he is constantly stimulated with experiencing and providing travel escapades for the last decade.